Sack “Secret Santa” and make a difference for refuge children this Christmas.

Here’s how it works…

Request tags here for  your team

Notes for team organisers: –

  • We can collect from 5 main collection areas: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Milton Keynes.  If the team is outside these areas, we can send tags where the staff can text a donation to KidsOut.  The money will be used by KidsOut to purchase a toy for a child on the donator’s behalf.

  • KidsOut Giving Trees have proved immensely popular with teams of all types of firms in previous years. We will send you enough tags for 50% of the number of people in your team. Ask early if you need more.

  • Please engage your team early in order to give them time to buy the presents. Many will want to take more than one – which is great. Just ask us for more.
  • All of the tags are genuine requests from children previously helped by KidsOut. However, each tag itself is fictional. The tags ensure we get the right mix of toys.
  • We ask for new toys only please – so no child feels second best.
  • All gifts should be left unwrapped, please. This is for both health and safety reasons and to ensure each toy is appropriate for each child.
  • Price guide for each toy is £5-10 – but more generously priced gifts are always gratefully received.
  • We know many people are busy but will still want to help. Alternatively to taking a tag they can donate online at and KidsOut will arrange to buy a gift for them.
  • We ask each team to help us by delivering the toys to a local depot by close of business on the Wednesday 20th December.  
  • We endeavor to get as many presents as possible – and in any event over 1000 toys – to children during the Xmas period. However, it is not possible to deliver every toy on Xmas day. This is because many of the children you will help will not come to us until later in the Christmas period itself.  They most often show up with nothing at all at this point (as toy confiscation is a classic abuser behavior pattern).
  • You may find it useful to circulate the above information to your team when informing them of the Giving Tree (Recommended in early December).

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